Outrage (Faith McMann Trilogy) by T.R. Ragan

Setting: California
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Release Date: September 20, 2016

If you haven't read the first book in the Faith McMann Trilogy titled Furious, stop reading this review. Spoilers do follow.


Faith McMann's husband died in a brutal attack. She's left with physical and mental scars. Plus, her children are still missing. She knows her 10-year-old daughter is in the hands of human traffickers, and she'll do everything in her power to stop them and get her daughter back. Her nine-year-old son's whereabouts are unknown to her.

While Faith has returned a few girls to their families during a raid on a ranch house where many girls were held captive, her own daughter was whisked away moments before the raid. Only one woman knows where the girl is now, and she's not about to tell.

Meanwhile, Faith's son managed to escape, but he's lost in the mountains. He's using every camping lesson he's had to try to get back to civilization, but his captors are on his trail and determined to get him back.

As Faith continues to make enemies, some of her family members question if it's time to give up. They've put their own lives on the line, and no one knows for sure if Faith's kids will ever come home alive.

Outrage is the second book in the series. Faith's helpers still play a huge part in trying to get her children back safely, but the closer they get, the more deadly situations become. There's a side story involving Rage, Faith's friend from the anger management group who is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Rage's story gets a little more focus, which helps break up some of the tension.

This latest addition is just as addicting as the first. I'm still saddened by the lack of police skill. Faith is always a few steps ahead of them. As a mother, I'd also be outraged if authorities knew there was a human trafficking ring and were always dragging their feet. I feel for Faith for that reason.

There's clearly a third book in the works that will hopefully close all the open story lines. I'm eager to see how things end for Faith and her missing children.


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