Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra

Setting: Australia
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Publisher: MIRA
Release Date: September 20, 2016

Only Daughter is best described with one word: creepy. This novel had me completely hooked from the start. This is Anna Snoekstra's first novel, and she has a release due out in 2017 that looks just as suspenseful. I cannot wait!

Eleven years ago, Rebecca Winter vanished. She was 16, and her body's never been found. Police never found any trace of her.

It's 2014. A young woman with a strong resemblance to Rebecca is held for shoplifting. Not wanting to face the other crimes she's committed, the young woman claims to be Rebecca. Welcomed back into a warm, loving home. She seems happy to take on this new role. It isn't long, however, before she receives alarming messages warning her to leave now, while she can. Keeping up her ruse is hard enough, but Rebecca's fate has never been discovered. She may have put herself into danger by filling Rebecca's shoes.

In Only Daughter, readers go on a creepy, suspenseful journey into Rebecca's past and into the present with the mystery woman. The chapters bounce back and forth with ease and you get drawn in. Was Rebecca killed? Who killed her? Can the mystery woman trust anyone? What crimes did the mystery woman commit that make her feel acting like Rebecca is her best chance for a life?

The passages from Rebecca's point of view were the most suspenseful in my opinion. You learn about her life, her family and those closest to her, and her frustrations. The mystery woman, while also a strong character, didn't muster quite the same intrigue. Yet, I couldn't stop reading. For me, this was a start-to-finish book. I ignored everything else until I'd discovered the truth. It hooked me and left me thinking about it long after the final page.


  1. This book was great. Very well written and fast paced. I was kept guessing all the way!


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