Lost Stars by Lisa Selin Davis

Genre: Young Adult/Teen
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Release Date: October 4, 2016

At 16, Caraway, she prefers Carrie, has seen far too much sadness. Her passion for astrophysics once ruled her life. After her older sister died, Carrie's spent a lot of time with her sisters friends, doing drugs and having sex with any guy who offers. She's on a destructive path with an absentee mother and a father whose disciplinary measures simply fuel her rage.

Things begin to change when a mysterious neighbor moves in. Dean seems just as lost as she is. He may be the answers she's been seeking. Pair that with a wilderness-related job her father forces her to take, Carrie starts to question the path she's on and if she has the power to change things.

I loved Lost Stars. This poor girl has been through a lot, so it's easy to sympathize with her anger, frustrations, and fears.

The book does have realities today's teens - and teens of the 1980s when the book is set - face. Readers will encounter drug and alcohol use, and it's portrayed in a real manner. Sex is delved into in an honest way.

What I really loved though was the use of music to help them all cope with the loss they encountered. Some of today's teens may not know a lot of the music, but I was delighted to see songs like one of my all-time favorites "Fourth of July" mentioned. Wasn't easy to play and replay a song on a cassette tape, but I certainly did that!

Lost Stars has appeal to teens and their parents. I enjoyed the novel and felt for both parent and teen in this one.


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