Life After Coffee by Virginia Franken

Setting: California
Genre: Women's Fiction
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: September 13, 2016

Amy O'Hara's built a career in find the very best coffee beans. Her latest trip is cut short when her boss calls her into the office. She's going to miss her flight, but she goes there and learns she's being laid off.

Her days of tastings and negotiating deals with farmers are over. Instead, she's now the stay-at-home parent while her husband attempts to revitalize his career as a writer. Her kids are not thrilled with her rules, and area moms certainly don't warm up to her quickly.

When a former ex offers to give her husband a chance writing scripts for a new television series, Amy's appreciative, but it looks like her ex has more in mind than simply hiring her husband. He seems to want Amy back in his life, even if they're both married with kids.

I've loved many of the books coming from Lake Union Publishing. Life After Coffee is another engrossing story, but there were points where the story dragged a bit too much for my taste and I wondered if that scene was truly necessary. I didn't love Amy's character as much as I'd hoped to. She is flawed, especially when she's tossed into being an at-home parent. That said, the reappearance of her ex-boyfriend, especially when his intentions become clear, well I didn't like that aspect.

Life After Coffee has humorous moments and some very realistic ones. It's not a bad read. It's just not one I'd put on the keeper shelf.


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