Faultlines by Barbara Taylor Sissel

Setting: Texas
Genres: Women's Fiction
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: September 6, 2016

It's seriously a parent's worst nightmare. Sandy Cline gets a call that her son and nephew have been in a car accident. It's a bad accident and things do not look good. Sandy and her husband arrive at the hospital to learn the both young men have serious head injuries, and Sandy's son is suspected of drunk driving. Sandy's sister is furious that her son is in critical condition all because of her nephew. This seems like enough to handle, but there are secrets about to come to light that may tear multiple families apart.

The book is told from two points of view. There's Sandy, who is desperate to prove her son couldn't be the monster so many feel he is. There's also a mystery woman whose role is made clear a few chapters into the story. Her presence really starts kicking the novel into high gear.

I read every page of Faultlines on the edge of my seat. I did figure a good portion of the "mystery" out early, but that doesn't make the story itself any less painful. There is so much emotion and truth in Barbara Taylor Sissel's novel that it was hard to put down and also hard to read at times. I've yet to find a book by this author that hasn't had the "wow" factor and this is another excellent read.


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