All the Good Parts by Loretta Nyhan

Setting: Chicago Suburbs
Genre: Women's Fiction
Publisher: Lake Union
Release Date: September 20, 2016

Leona Accorsi hasn't really gotten in far as life as she expected to be. At 39, she's a college dropout, returning to school to gain a nursing degree. She lives in her sister's basement and helps with her nieces and nephew. She's never really found Mr. Right. Everything goes haywire when a visit to the doctor informs her she's in the early stages of menopause. Leona still wants to have a child, and it's clear that time is running out.

With this new knowledge, Leona decides it's time to tackle her future, and all she needs is a sperm donor. There are not many men in her life, but she has it narrowed to three options: a guy in her online class, the local homeless man who is tutoring her niece, or spend the money and by some sperm from a sperm bank. Armed with a DIY insemination kit, Leona sets off on a mission to become a mom.

From the plot, you can tell there is bound to be humorous moments in All the Good Parts. In her spare time, Leona works as a home health aide. Her best charge, an older Vietnam vet, was a hoot. I really, really liked him. The homeless guy is smart as a whip and also an enjoyable character. There are others you'll meet along the way, and all characters worked well to advance the plot and keep the book's mood light and enchanting. Leona's sister is really the only downer in the book, but I think it all came down to overprotective sister mode, so I was able to get by my dislike for her character.

I won't go into how things turn out for Leona, but the story made me laugh and brought some tears to my eyes. It was another really good novel from Lake Union. I'm quickly finding that I can trust in their publishing company's selection of authors and titles.


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