They All Saw a Cat by Brendan Wenzel

I love a lot about The All Saw a Cat. The narrative's rhythmic flow. The artistic illustrations that completely capture the mysterious feline. The story itself is ideally created to be complete without being too wordy. That was one issue I faced decades ago when picking stories for my kids, many times they got bored because a book was too long.

That's not the case with They All Saw a Cat. At 44 pages, this book is rich in illustrations with only a line or two on each page. Some pages simply have illustrations. As a result I see this being an excellent book for teaching a little one to read. Vocabulary is also perfect for a beginning reader. Sentences are short and simple - "The cat knew them all, and they all knew the cat." It's perfect for bedtime, teaching a child to read, and with the illustrations found on each page, even the pictures give you something to talk about. I really liked this book!


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