That Darkness by Lisa Black

Setting: Cleveland
Genre: Suspense
Publisher: Kensington
Release Date: April 26, 2016

That Darkness is the first A Gardiner and Renner Novel, and it's a winner. Jack Renner is an officer on a mission to clean the streets of Cleveland. As a vigilante killer, he's determined not to get caught. Maggie Gardiner is a forensic investigator who specializes in fingerprints, and she's looking into the death of a young girl. Her investigation grows when more bodies are found and each seems to have a connection to the girl. She's hunting a killer, and little does she know that her cat and mouse game is going to involve Jack in a very big way.

The suspense angle of That Darkness is based on the investigative skills Maggie has and the steps Jack takes to get away with murder. There's no "who's the killer" angle in this book. That said, watching the pair perform a metaphorical dance while trying to either solve or hide a crime is fascination. It is the part that drew me in.

I liked the characters, especially Jack who was doing "bad" things for great reasons. I liked Maggie's determination. How it plays out is honest and intriguing.


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