Sunrise Crossing by Jodi Thomas

Setting: Crossroads, Texas
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: MIRA
Release Date: August 30, 2016

I have been impatiently waiting for Sunrise Crossing. Yancy is a favorite character, and I was desperately awaiting his chance to find true love.

Yancy Grey has served his time for theft, he's found out the truth about his family, and now he's rebuilding the rundown house his ancestors owned. He never expects to find a mysterious young woman hiding out in his barn. Tori's not afraid of him, she is happy helping him work on his home's repairs, and he finds himself entering new territory - romance.

Parker Lacey fears her knee pain is a sign that she, like her parents, has cancer and won't have long to live. When she finds a young artist, Tori, crying in the airport, Parker offers her home in Texas to this young woman who needs to go into hiding. Eventually, Parker will join her, and that means trusting in the help of the cowboy neighbor she's never met.

Gabe Snow lost the love of his life many, many years ago. He's in Crossroads for his work. In Texas, Gabe learns a little about himself and the past he thought was long forgotten.

What comes into play in Sunrise Crossing is really a collection of stories. I was worried that Yancy's romance would be pushed to the background a bit as other romances build, but thankfully that never happens. I loved Yancy and Tori together. Both had their secrets, and both were new to relationships, so it was foreign territory they had to navigate. Parker and Clint are secondary, but I enjoyed their romance too.

I love the characters and the town that's been created in the Ransom Canyon series. This latest is another excellent addition to this series. Usually, I'd say that you can jump right in, but there's one story line that makes me question that this time.

Gabe is really more of a mystery within the book. If you've been reading the series, you'll be excited to see him appear in this novel. If you're new to it, I really recommend reading Ransom Canyon before Sunrise Crossing.


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