Detached by Christina Kilbourne

Suicide. It's not a topic to ignore and hide, yet I see so many do just that. Detached is a haunting look at one girl's struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts, as well as the impact of her struggles on those who love her most.

Anna is a talented artist. She's popular, has lots of friends, and has a solid family unit who loves her dearly. Since Anna's grandparents died, she's been struggling with depression. Her thoughts turn towards suicide as a means to an end. Jumping off a bridge, hanging herself, drowning... None of those seem right, but then she realizes an overdose on painkillers may be the very best way.

The other two narrators in the story are Anna's best friend and her mother. Both sense a change in Anna, but they can't place it as being more than hormones and typical teen struggles. It's when she attempts suicide that they question everything they may have overlooked.

Detached is Christina Kilbourne's in-depth look at suicide and the effect it has on everyone. I loved the honesty, especially with Anna's best friend. I felt their pain, confusion, and uncertainty. The problem is that I felt this as an adult whose seen years of the aftermath of suicide. I'm not sure a teen would feel the same bond to Anna or her . They definitely wouldn't with her mother in my opinion.


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