Shore House Slumming by Carli Palmer

Setting: Coastal (West Coast and East Coast)
Genre: Chick Lit
Publisher: Createspace
Release Date: June 23, 2016

After learning her job has been cut, Dana Kline really has little choice but to take the job her boss has lined up for her. The problem is that she will have to move from Seattle to Florida. She's not at all thrilled with the change of location. Worse, her roommate informs her that she misunderstood when the lease ends, so Dana has no where to live for the next couple of months.

With all of that looming above her, Dana packs up and starts a journey of staying in various homes across the country. Some she's simply staying as a guest and others she is a temporary house sitter. With each of them, Dana learns a little something more about herself and the people in her life.

I wanted to love Shore House Slumming. It was touted as a chick lit, one of my very favorite genres, but in each house, I found myself really not liking Dana. Hard to love a book when you despise the main character.

Things start on the Pacific coast where Dana and her best friend enjoy a coastal getaway together. Dana's next jaunt leads her to Cape Cod, where she house sits. She meets a neighbor's sister and agrees to join that sister on Fire Island. The pattern continues from there.

My problem with Dana became clear from the start. She's a whiner. She whined about losing her job, all while her boss found her another job with better pay at that. When she's in Cape Cod, she wrecks her hostess's jet ski, whines incessantly about getting food poisoning, and then winds up being offered the chance to tag along on a house sitting job in Fire Island. There, she whines non-stop about having to live with a fitness enthusiast and having to eat healthy foods.

She moves on to her best friend's aunt's house, where she's offered the chance to join a group on a diving expedition. She has no responsibilities other than to enjoy the sun and scenery from the yacht. Even there, she does as she pleases and, without going into a spoiler, really changes things for the group.

The more I read of Dana, the less I liked her. The settings were gorgeous. The description of the homes made me feel like I was there. Even the pacing rocked! Unfortunately, I just never liked the main character enough to really get into the story.


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