Once Upon a Wine by Beth Kendrick

Cammie Breyer's boyfriend left, leaving her with no choice but to shut down the Californian restaurant they owned. Her rent is late. Her job as a waitress isn't paying the bills. When she gets a call to return home and help her aunt, she decides to go.

Back in Black Dog Bay, Delaware, Cammie learns her aunt bought a vineyard. Cammie, her cousin, and her aunt know nothing of growing grapes or making wine. Turning this situation around may be far more than Cammie, her cousin Kat, or her aunt Ginger can handle. Even if she has the help of the man she left behind when she went to California.

Once Upon a Wine is a charming romance. I loved the clear passion between Kat, Cammie, and even Ginger and the men in their lives. As the relationships developed, I rooted for them all. Having reached the end of the story, I wasn't ready. I wanted more. I am thrilled to see there are other novels in this series, as I want to read them all now.

Look for Beth Kendrick's book on July 26th from NAL.


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