Keeping Sam by Joanne Phillips

Setting: England
Genre: Women's Fiction
Publisher: Mirrorball Books
Release Date: November 23, 2015

I picked up a copy of Keeping Sam as a free book through Bookbub. The story is a little maddening, yet I also had to read every page to see if anyone, other than the social worker, would ever smarten up.

Kate's been in a coma for a year. Now that she's recovering, all she wants is to get her toddler son back. She learns her mother and father have been caring for the boy for the past year, and they're not happy to have to give him back. In fact, they applied for guardianship and they're prepared to fight.

The resulting story is really a battle between two women who desperately want to keep the boy they love. It's often emotionally painful to read, irked me at times, but kept me hooked. It's not hard to dislike some of the characters in this novel.

For the price, Keeping Sam is a solid read. While it's no longer free, it is a huge bargain and definitely a story that draws you in, even if it makes you angry.


  1. I clicked on the Amazon link and read the blurb. Lots of drama and a child involved generally makes for an intriguing read. Thanks for the post.

    1. If you want drama and a child - The Couple Next Door (review coming tomorrow) had me on the edge of my seat, even though I'd figured out part of it early on. That book was intense!


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