Karma Brown - The Choices We Make

Your best friend cannot carry a baby to term. Multiple miscarriages, months of heartbreak, and expensive fertility treatments have not led to a successful pregnancy. What do you do? In The Choices We Make, Kate makes a decision that changes lives.

Kate and Hannah have been friends since childhood. They've remained close and now married, they're still inseparable. Kate's happily married with two daughters. Hannah's happily married and desperate to enjoy motherhood. When another fertility round leads to a negative positive test and Hannah is told by her doctor that it's probably best to give up, Kate makes a very personal decision. She'll become a surrogate for Hannah.

It isn't long before Kate is pregnant and Hannah and her husband Ben are overjoyed. Kate is equally pleased at doing something for the friend she's loved for decades. Just when everything looks perfect, something happens that tests the bonds of friendship and maternal instinct.

Karma Brown makes the reader really stop and think with this story. It's easy to sympathize with both points of view, but to make the decisions the characters have to make is just heartbreaking. I can't imagine, yet I've seen similar stories in the news and know it happens.

This is Karma Brown's second novel, and I'm now eager to read her first. This is a tough story that involved a bunch of Kleenex, but it's also a book I see as being a hit with book discussion groups. The writing grabbed me, and the characters felt like family.

Look for this Harlequin release on July 12, 2016.


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