Ink and Bone by Lisa Unger

Lisa Unger's Ink and Bone grabbed my attention from the start. Finley Montgomery has her grandmother's gift. It's a gift Finley's mother never wanted Finley to develop, but back in The Hollows, Finley is ready to learn all she can. This 20-year-old college student struggles with her gifts, but she also cannot help but become involved in the disappearance of a young girl. To help, however, she'll need to live with her grandmother and learn all she can about her psychic abilities. If she can harness her abilities to harness her dreams and interact with those in her visions, she could uncover what happened to this missing girl.

Finley is a complex heroine. She's a bit of a rebel, but she has an emotional side too. I liked when she showed her tender side with characters like her grandmother, just as much as I liked Finley's connection to her love interest, a tattoo artist who follows Finley to The Hollows. These differing sides of Finley create a complex character that I couldn't get enough of. I hope there are more Finley novels due out soon. I think her character and The Hollows will become a great series. Finley's grandmother, Eloise, appeared in three stories that formed The Whispering Hollows. It's a good book to read before you delve into Ink and Bone.


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