Baby Doll by Hollie Overton

After the popularity of books like Gone Girl or A Girl on the Train, there does seem to be a lot of focus on suspense novels with plenty of edge-of-your-chair moments. In fact, the Netgalley email I received mentioned this book as being great for fans of those two books.Here's my main thought on Baby Doll. It had many similarities to Room, so I found myself engrossed, but there were also many "this seems familiar" moments.

Hollie Overton wrote episodes for one of my favorite television series: Cold Case. I was definitely intrigued in Baby Doll based on that tidbit alone. In this novel, Lily was kidnapped as a teenager and held captive in a remote cabin. For the past eight years, she's been victim to the madman that took her, eventually having his child. Her daughter, Sky, is the one thing she lives for. She adores Sky and cannot imagine life without her. At the same time, she dreams of getting Sky out of captivity and the clutches of her abuser.

Things escalate one day when Lily doesn't hear the deadbolt latch after he leaves. She cannot believe he'd forget that one critical thing, but he has. She grabs Sky and runs, soon learning this cabin was only a handful of miles from her family home.

Now back with her twin sister and her mother, Lily must acclimate to the world around her and help Sky do the same. All while telling police who kidnapped her and helping build a case to ensure he can never touch them again.

Clearly, the premise with Baby Doll is very similar to that of Room. That's the thing I had the biggest issue with. I loved Room, so I was hoping for something different that would make Baby Doll stand apart. The relationship between Lily and her twin sister tends to be that one different thing. Eight years has only fractured their very tight bond, but it hasn't ruined it. Watching them become close again was realistic and emotional. I have to say that the manipulative captor, though an evil jerk, also was incredibly well developed. Without going into spoilers, there's one part of the plot that reminded me a lot of a case last year involving a local prison escape. This also stood out for me as being very true based on accounts of that prison's operations.

In the end, I liked Baby Doll. It was entertaining and kept me hooked. If you haven't read or seen Room, you'll love it. If you have, Baby Doll will seem familiar at times.


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