All is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker

Fairview, Connecticut, is a small town deeply affected by one tragic event. Up until the night Jenny Kramer was brutally raped, the residents enjoyed their country club gatherings, sporting events, and other activities that brought people together. When Jenny is raped in the woods during a party, the entire town is shattered, but it's Jenny, her father, and her mother facing the toughest decisions they've had to make.

Jenny's mom and dad are having dinner at the country club when they get the call that their daughter was brought to the hospital. They imagine she drank too much and are prepared to punish her, but they arrive to find police officers and shocking news that Jenny was raped, sodomized, and carved by an unknown assailant. The only possible good news is that there is a drug Jenny can take that will help her forget the events of that night. Should she take this drug, it will make it impossible for her to testify against her rapist if he's caught.

Jenny's mother wants her daughter to have no memory of the rape, so the drug is given. However, no one else can forget. Jenny's father wants to find and kill the man that brutalized his daughter. Jenny's mother wants to pretend it never happened, more importantly, she wants the community to forget.Others within the community find their own lives deeply affected by Jenny's rape and find themselves struggling with thoughts of who the rapist is.

All is Not Forgotten starts with an unknown narrator telling the story. Eventually, you learn who this narrator is and why he's connected to Jenny, her family, and the rest of the town. I'll leave it out of my review as it is something I appreciated contemplating as the story progressed.

The pacing of the story moves quickly, but there were times I wished the story would focus more on Jenny and the snippets of memory she begins to regain under the guidance of a professional. I wanted to know who the rapist was as quickly as possible, and there really is nothing quick about this revelation. Wendy Walker builds the suspense and keeps you hooked until the final page. It's not surprising this book caught the eye of Reese Witherspoon and Warner Brothers.


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