Where the Memories Lie by Sibel Hodge

Olivia is happily married with a teen daughter, but she's never forgotten about the disappearance of her best friend. More than two decades have passed, and she hopes wherever Katie ran away to that she's happier than she was in the care of her alcoholic parents. Everything spirals when Olivia's father-in-law, a man in the latter stages of Alzheimer's, states he had no choice but to kill her.

Not wanting to believe this gentle man could have killed someone, Olivia soon learns where the body is hidden. When a body is found, Olivia is left with more questions than ever before. Is her father-in-law truly a murderer? Why was Katie killed? Will their solid family be able to survive the investigation and shocking revelations that follow?

Part of Where the Memories Lie was pretty obvious to me. There was one "twist" in particular that did not surprise me. I felt it was really obvious. That said, I did have the final outcome wrong, so the author did a good job of keeping me on my toes as I read the story.

As my own mom is dealing with a form of dementia, I totally sympathized with Olivia, her family, and her father-in-law Tom. I understand the frustration from all angles.

Where the Memories Lie is a solid mystery by Sibel Hodge with likable characters for the most part. I may not have always agreed with Olivia's choices, but they were her choices to make. I did like the flow of this mystery and had a hard time putting it down.


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