Mystery Child (Mission: Rescue) by Shirlee McCoy

Quinn Robertson never expects her sister to show  up on her doorstep, especially not begging for Quinn to take her daughter and bring the young child to her biological father. Yet, that's exactly what happens. Quinn is suddenly fleeing mysterious strangers who seem intent on getting the child back.

It isn't long before Quinn's been detained by a team whose job is to rescue the young girl who was kidnapped years earlier. Quinn may be innocent, but it looks like her sister is extremely guilty, which confuses Quinn, as she's no longer sure who she can trust.

Mystery Child is a quick read. There's a touch of romance, though the bigger draw in the story for me was how did Quinn's sister end up with a kidnapped child, if the child really is the girl who went missing years earlier. Nothing is certain and the twists in the story kept me hooked.


  1. Thanks for the post. Sounds like an addition to my TBR list.


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