Jodi Thomas - Rustler's Moon: A Ransom Canyon Romance

I'd tried to get into Rustler's Moon a while back and failed. I tried again and this time I loved it. It's proof positive that sometimes you just have to be in the right mood.

After her father is murdered, Angela Harold finds a cryptic note from him telling her to run. Her home is soon burglarized, so she takes off to Ransom Canyon to take over as curator to the town's museum. There she meets Wilkes Wagner, a local rancher. She never expects to fall for him, but that's exactly what happens.

It is not long before danger finds Angela. Wilkes is determined to keep her safe, even if they have no idea who is after her or why.

I liked the passionate romance that builds between Angela and Wilkes, but it's the town that really drew me in. The mystery is a little predictable, but the interactions with the characters and the way they drew Angela into their fold was incredibly satisfying.  I am dying to see what happens with Yancy. I adore his character and want him to find happiness. I'm happy to see that his story comes out in August. I'll be in line to grab a copy of that summer romance release!


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