Forgive Me by Daniel Palmer

Angie DeRose, a private investigator, is on her latest case trying to locate a missing teen whose alcoholic mother seems to be a key reason for a teen to want to run away. That's not the only thing on Angie's plate, however. Since her mother's sudden death, Angie was shocked to find a picture hidden in her mother's things. On that picture is a message that says "May God forgive me."

With one case on her mind, Angie also delves into her mother's past to reveal the truth about this young girl's identity. What is her mother's connection to this little girl and why did she seek forgiveness? Perhaps more terrifying, what about this past has caught the attention of a mysterious person and why do they want the secret to remain hidden, no matter the price?

Forgive Me had me on the edge of my seat from the first page. The two mysteries hold your attention from start to finish. This was my introduction to Daniel Palmer's books, and I've been really missing a gem of an author! His writing is gripping. The plot, absorbing. Best of all, I loved how it all came together and didn't leave me wanting more.


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