Bluestone Homecoming (Welcome to Bluestone) by MJ Fredrick

Bluestone Homecoming is not going to cost you a penny if you have a Kindle, so there's no risk in reading this delightful contemporary romance. I found myself enchanted by the small town and wanting to keep reading until I knew for certain young Max was going to have the family he needed.

Leo Ericson is only back in Bluestone long enough to get his son settled. Since his wife died, Max has struggled with grief. Leo felt having Max live with his grandparents was the right choice, but when Max has a hard time making friends and fitting in, Leo takes some time from his work as a war correspondent.

Trinity Madison struggles to keep her feelings regarding Leo from surfacing. She's furious that a parent would so easily walk away from a hurting child. Yet, the more she watches Leo trying to make the right choices, the more she begins to fall in love with him. She has her own secrets, however, that she must reveal if she really wants to enter into a relationship.

Then, there's the town itself. Tourism is not helping this struggling town become viable. The townspeople are banding together to get ideas on what to do to bring tourists to their town. With Leo's help, they may finally find themselves on the right path.

The atmosphere in Bluestone is one of the reasons I kept reading. I love romances where the town takes on a role as a character, making the reader root for it. I wanted to see this small town survive and that became as important as seeing Trinity and Leo figure things out.


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