After You - The Sequel to Me Before You

Before I even begin, if you have not yet seen the movie or read Me Before You, DO NOT read this review. After You is the continuation of Me Before You, so there are clear spoilers. Those spoilers follow this Amazon ad.

So here come the spoilers...

Will's committed suicide and now Louisa is left to pick up the pieces of her very, very broken heart. She's living in a flat in London trying to seek new adventures as Will wanted her to, but it's hard. She's been to Paris as Will requested, and now she's working as a bartender at an Irish-themed airport bar. After arriving home in the wee hours, Louisa has a glass of wine, climbs up to her rooftop terrace, and is startled by a voice and falls off the edge.

Somehow, Louisa survives multiple bone breaks and moves back home with her parents to recuperate. Eventually, she joins a grief support group and reunites with the paramedic who saved her life. Things are finally looking up, until Will's past finds its way into Louisa's present and leaves her reeling once again.

I think I cried just as much with After You as I did with Me Before You. Jojo Moyes has a real knack for getting into your head and leaving you thinking things through for days and weeks after you've finished the last page. This is book group fodder at its best. I had so many feelings while reading it. I laughed, I cried, and I felt at times as though I wanted to reach into the pages and make a few characters see reason! There were parts I loved, parts I hated, and parts I wondered why they were even included. Eventually, I finished it and still find myself thinking about it. This time, I find myself really wanting more. I'm not done with Louisa. I am not ready to let her go and really hope the author returns to Louisa's life for one more story.


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