Third Tracy Crosswhite Book - In the Clearing

From the very moment I started reading the first novel in the Tracy Crosswhite series, I became addicted. Robert Dugoni is very talented and created characters I really like. I'm a big fan of shows and books like Rizzoli and Isles, Luther, and many others, and Tracy Crosswhite comes across as very genuine and good at her job.

In the Clearing is the third novel in Robert Dugoni's mystery series. Tracy is asked to look into a decades old suicide. The teenage girl supposedly killed herself, but Tracy's former classmate doesn't understand why her father kept a secret file regarding the death. Tracy begins her investigation and realizes that this wasn't a suicide at all, and now four decades have passed, which makes it hard to track down possible suspects.

At the same time, Tracy is helping with the investigation into a shooting. She suspects the "shooter" is lying, but conflicting witness and victim statements isn't getting her anywhere. With two cases to solve, and her own relationship being shoved aside, Tracy's being left with little downtime.

Now while In the Clearing's suicide case seemed pretty easy to solve, I did like watching the clues get revealed over time and pieces of the puzzle all come together. The actual revelation when the killer is identified wasn't surprising. Even the present-day case wasn't that baffling to me. The solutions simply made sense.

That said, I still love spending time reading about Tracy's work and personal life. She's an enjoyable character, and it makes me eager for the next book in this series.


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