The Girl I Used To Be - Young Adult Mystery

Her mother was stabbed to death in front of her. For 14 years, Olivia and police believe her father was responsible and that he fled after leaving his three-year-old daughter at Walmart. Now, some of his remains have been found, and police and Olivia are seeking the truth.

Olivia heads to the town she left long ago. She's spent just about a decade in foster homes and went through a failed adoption before becoming emancipated. The adoption changed her name legally, but she took an additional step and changed her hair color to hide her true identity. Now that it's clear there's a killer out there, Olivia may be next to be silenced forever.

The Girl I Used to Be is a teen mystery, which may explain some of the questions I had. I couldn't understand how finding a small portion of Olivia's father's remains was immediate proof there was another killer and not a murder-suicide. That was just one thing that niggled at me, but I am coming into the story from an adult perspective. I was also shocked at how quickly a teenager working in a grocery store was able to rent an entire house. I just went through a situation where my son, a new college graduate with a full-time job with a biomedical firm, was unable to rent a house unless I cosigned the six-month lease. I really, really doubt that Olivia would have been able to rent this house so easily.

All niggles aside, the book is fast-paced and holds your attention. I got frustrated that I couldn't seem to fit in more than 20 minutes here and there to read it. Every inch of me wanted to sit down and read it from cover to cover in one shot. It's that gripping!


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