The Fallout: An Intimate Look at the Aftershocks of a Separation

I'll admit, it's tough categorizing The Fallout by Tamar Cohen. It's a touch romance, a little bit suspenseful, but downright chilling as the pieces start to fall together. This is a May 31st release from Harlequin/MIRA.

Josh and Hannah find themselves in an incredibly difficult situation when their best friends Dan and Sasha break up. Dan's found someone else, someone much younger, and desperately wants Josh and Hannah to keep it hidden from his wife. Hannah is Sasha's best friend. They've raised their daughters together. It's a betrayal to keep it hidden, so it is made clear that they refuse to take sides while the couple figures things out.

It's only a matter of time before Josh and Hannah are struggling with the fallout from Dan and Sasha's separation. From voracious lawyers to Sasha's claims that Dan is trying to kill her, the reality is grim. Josh and Hannah are struggling to keep their own relationship intact when their friends are battling for their full attention.

I never expected to love this book. I couldn't stand Sasha, hated Dan, and eventually wondered what on earth Josh and Hannah were doing. By the final page, I felt like I'd been on a fictional roller coaster ride and found myself thinking over scenes for hours. The Fallout is clever, has twists I never saw coming, and definitely is unlike much I've read in the past!


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