Sneak Peek at Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk

I want to note that I was not able to read the entire novel written by Lauren Wolk. My review of Wolf Hollow is based on the sneak peek into a few chapters. That said, this is a very engaging read that reminded me a bit of books I grew up with.

Annabelle enjoys her quiet existence in her small Pennsylvanian town. The entire family are close, but they tend to keep to themselves and treat everyone they do know with kindness. That all changes when a new girl moves to town and begins bullying Annabelle. Annabelle's not thrilled, but when Betty turns her attention on a kindly war veteran and then disappears, Annabelle must fight for what she knows is right.

The description said Wolf Hollow is kind of a To Kill a Mockingbird for the younger crowd. I do think that's a fair assessment. I was mesmerized and kind of sad that I only get the sneak peek. It's a book I want to read and am putting on my wish list.


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