One Summer Night: A Love Letter to Life by Emily Bold

Emily Bold's One Summer Night takes place in Vermont, along the shores of Lake Champlain to be exact. This puts it right in my backyard essentially. It makes me wonder why the German author chose that setting. That said, I can't argue with the setting she created. She did a good job.

Lauren meeting Tim seemed a little surreal, but even with a few obstacles, the pair have made an incredible life for themselves and their daughters. That all blows up in their face when Lauren is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Suddenly, she's torn apart by the knowledge that she only has a short time left to see her daughters grow and to love her husband to the fullest.

That's the premise. The entire book bounces between past and present and takes you on an emotional roller coaster throughout. I smiled, cried, and just didn't want to put this book down. There is romance, there is drama, but mostly it's just a very emotional look at what happens when you learn you only have a little time left.


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