Last Ride to Graceland by Kim Wright

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who never was impressed by Elvis. I was, however, very impressed by Kim Wright's Last Ride to Graceland, even if the story does focus a little on Elvis's music and lifestyle.

Cory Ainsworth's father should never have repeatedly told her NOT to look in the shed at his house when he asks her to find his wading boots and send them to him in Florida. Months after her mother's death, Cory's watching her friends settle down, have kids, and it that type of lifestyle just doesn't seem to be in the cards. When he repeatedly tells her NOT to look in the shed, that's the very first thing she does. She's shocked to find a mint condition Stutz Blackhawk. As Cory's mother was a back-up singer for Elvis right before his death, Cory realizes it must be Elvis's car. With a car full of trash, she goes on a quest to Graceland to do a reverse of the path her pregnant mother took when she left Graceland and returned to her hometown.

There's always been a mystery involving the identity of Cory's father. She hopes now she can finally determine if she is Elvis's illegitimate daughter or not.

I quickly found myself hooked in Cory's story, even with the chapter changes from Cory's point of view to her mother's POV in the 70s. Usually, I find changes in time a little distracting, but these were smooth and timed perfectly.

The story is a wonderful coming-of-age-type where this time it's a grown woman who needs to come to terms with her past and see what she really wants to do from here. I loved it.

Look for Last Ride to Graceland to be released by Gallery Books on May 24th.


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