It Wasn't Always Like This: Teen Fiction Delves Into Eternal Youth

A family tests a potion designed to prevent polio and discovers eternal youth in Joy Preble's It Wasn't Always Like This. The plot is packed with suspense as two teens struggle to stay one step ahead of a radical religious group who wants them dead. The only way to end the life of someone with eternal life is by murdering them.

Charlie and Emma have been friends for ages, drawn together by their fathers' work. As they reach the age of 17, they're clearly in love. That's when they test the polio cure and stay at the age of 17. When the powerful preacher of a church group known as the Church of Light realize the families' secrets, they set out to destroy them. Charlie and Emma's family members are killed and the two go on the run.

In a suspense/thriller that spans decades, Charlie and Emma have gone their separate ways for their safety. Now in present day, Emma is aware of a series of murders of young women who resemble her. It's time to stop the ancestors of the Church of Light once and for all. This might be the only way she can reunite with the young man she loves and misses desperately.

The story switches back and forth between past and present. As you watch the teens grow and adapt to their new lives, it draws you in. It's easy to root for them, and I wanted desperately to see the Church of Light come to an end. Their intolerance and hatred bothered me, even if it paralleled the hatred you see in the news almost every day. I couldn't wait to see how things would play out.

It Wasn't Always Like This is a Soho Teen release due out on May 17, 2016. You'll find it online and in some brick and mortar booksellers.


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