Head Back to Whiskey Creek With Brenda Novak

Brenda Novak brings readers back to Whiskey Creek where the Amos brothers try to do their best with the hand they were dealt. Rod Amos was only trying to protect his step-sister. He never expected the guy to run him off the road. Rod takes care of the abusive drunk, but he's miles from home and his motorcycle is toast for now. He's thrilled when his new neighbor drives by and begrudgingly agrees to help him out.

India Sommers is now a single mom, no thanks to a violent past boyfriend who murdered her husband. She's in Whiskey Creek to start anew. All she needs is police to do their job and put her ex behind bars for good. Once that happens, she can bring her daughter to Whiskey Creek and start a new life. The last thing she needs in her life is Rod, a man she is certain is another bad boy, yet he's exactly what her heart is saying she needs.

I love the interactions between India and Rod in Discovering You. Both act on emotions and tend to jump in heart first, which made for some steamy scenes, but also ones that were filled with emotion. I did think at the end that India took a few too many risks for a single mom and widow, but it definitely also kept me hooked. Without giving away spoilers, I loved seeing her toughen up towards the end!

This was the second Whiskey Creek novel I've read, but I hadn't remembered much about the first. It didn't matter anyway, as this one stands alone well.


  1. Whiskey Creek is one of my favorite series. Thanks for the post.


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