Claire Mackintosh's I Let You Go

You're playing with your child on the way home, racing him to be exact. In that one minute you let go of his hand, he darts into the road and is hit by a car. The driver of that car takes off. You hear the whispers blaming you for letting go of the child's hand and that no good mother would have let go of their child's hand. That's part of the premise in Claire Mackintosh's I Let You Go.

I Let You Go is a debut, based very loosely on a case the author had while working for the police. The story is really told from multiple viewpoints, but the two key players are Jenna Gray, a woman who left her life behind to try to forget the accident, and the lead detective who is trying to solve a case with few witnesses and little evidence.

The twists in this book hit me and I admit left me feeling a little shaken. There are things I did not see coming. In fact, it's those twists that will make this a book I doubt I'll be able to forget it months, even years, from now. This entire story grabbed me and held my attention until the final word. It's just that good, if not a little sad at times and definitely worthy of book group discussions.

Look for I Let You Go on May 3rd. It's a Berkley release and a book that I highly recommend for the characters, setting, and gripping storyline.


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