All Things Beer: Read The Beer Geek Handbook

If you already enjoy beer, want to understand the world of beer a little better, or are diving into craft brewing and want to get to know what to expect, The Beer Geek Handbook is a must-have!

I live in the land of IPAs and DIPAs. Much of the world has heard of the Alchemist's Heady Topper, as is mentioned in this book, (though I will say I still prefer Focal Banger and recommend you get your hands on a can if at all possible). Craft breweries like Hill Farmstead are winning world's best beer awards. You may even have heard of Burlington Beer Company (YUM), 14th Star (a brewery run by vets), or Frost out of Hinesburg. (Just a few of the many, many craft brewers in Vermont.) I used to hate IPAs, but now they're really all I drink. I love the perfumey pine/citrus flavors and aromas hops bring to beers. For me, The Beer Geek Handbook is an ideal coffee table book. It's there to inspire, educate, and amuse.

This guide to all things beer covers breweries, types of beers, and much more. There are fun little quizzes along the way, information on the best temperatures for storing beer, and quick bios of some of the beer icons who founded breweries or write about beer (Michael Jackson all the way.) I had a lot of fun reading this guide, learned a few things, and am about to take some of the things I learned on a journey to Maine where I'll be doing plenty of sampling a variety of craft beers.


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