A Plane Crashes: Before the Fall by Noah Hawley

Penned by Fargo (TV show) writer Noah Hawley, Before the Fall takes a close look at the events before and after a mysterious plane crash.

Recovering alcoholic and talented painter Scott Burroughs never should have been on the flight. It was the kindness of the wife of a TV mogul's wife that convinced him to get on the plane. When that private plane crashes into the ocean, Scott somehow survives, but he's now stranded miles offshore and the only other survivor is the young son of the women who offered him a seat on the plane.

Scott manages to get them safely to shore, but that's just the beginning of his story. Questions arise as to whether he was having an affair with her. How was he the only adult survivor? What caused the plane to crash?

As the investigation kicks in and media begins looking at Scott as the possible reason for the plane to crash, Scott must keep himself hidden. Meanwhile, he's bonded with the young boy he saved, and he wants to remain part of the boy's life, if the boy's aunt and money-grubbing uncle will let Scott have any part in their lives.

The plot of Before the Fall does revolve around a number of things. First is Scott's past and the reason he was heading to the city. Passengers on the plane play an important part. There's the Wall Street mogul who was under investigation and about to be indicted. There's the last-minute switch co-pilot. There's the boy's father's TV station, a station known for creating stories through illicit means. There are dozens of people who could have wanted the plane to crash, but until the plane is found and the investigation is complete, no one has the answers the media, survivors, and officials are all desperate to find.

I haven't watched Fargo yet. I loved the movie too much. Given that, the writing of Noah Hawley's novel is so gripping that I imagine it's time to dive into the show.


  1. This novel was just added to my TBR list. Thanks for the post!


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