Will You Won't You Want Me?: Lighthearted Romance/Women's Fiction

St. Martin's Griffin has a very lighthearted, sometimes poignant romance/women's fiction novel coming out on April 19th. Will You Won't You Want Me? is the latest novel from Nora Zelevansky. I'd say this is a pretty good mix of women's fiction, chick lit, and romance. It's a book I found myself uncertain if I'd like the main character, and then realizing that in a lot of ways, she embodies many women I know. I soon came to admire her.

For Marjorie Plum - Madgesty to some  - high school is something she never was truly prepared to leave behind. She ruled the roost. Fast-forward a decade and she's not really sure what her life should be. Her job's okay, but nothing more than okay, and her boss is pure evil. Her friends have moved on to permanent relationships or raising families. Her goal is still to rule the roost, but the rug gets pulled out from under her, and suddenly she's not so sure who she really is or what her life needs to be to make her happy.

Marjorie's existence hits a wall when she's fired from her job, and shortly after learns that her best friend is moving in with beau and Marjorie only has just a few days to find somewhere else to live. With no where to turn, Marjorie returns to her parents' home, only to find out they are renovating her bedroom and cannot let her move back home. Marjorie finds herself moving to (gasp) Brooklyn to share an apartment with a whimsical young woman, who even helps Marjorie out by letting her take on one of her new tutoring client, an 11-year-old girl whose is wise beyond her years. This transition may have shaken Marjorie to the core, but it may also be exactly what she needed to find herself.

Belinda is adorable. She may be young, but she's a wise little spitfire and I really enjoyed the parts of the book where she came into play. I loved her interactions with Marjorie. I also grew very fond of Marjorie and enjoyed seeing her finally get it. You'll find there are splashes of romance with not one but two men. It's fun getting to see Marjorie struggle to decide if romance was really in her cards or not.

There's a lot to love with Will You Won't You Want Me?, and it ended up being a book that I couldn't put down. I had to know what Marjorie would decide and where her adventures would take her.


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