The Obsession - Nora Roberts

It's been a couple years since I picked up a Nora Roberts book. Definitely is my bad. Reading The Obsession made me realize how much I miss her writing.

On a hot, humid night, young Naomi Bowes spied her father heading into the woods. She followed thinking he was going for a late night swim. What Naomi really sees changes her life. Her father is holding a young woman captive in an abandoned root cellar. Naomi rescues the woman and brings her to the police. With her father in jail, Naomi's life starts anew in the care of her shocked mother and an uncle she barely knows.

Years pass. Naomi is now a talented photographer and owner of one house on the west coast. She cannot imagine what led her to purchase the former inn, but she has a vision for what this home could be that she cannot ignore. The community of Sunrise Cove takes her in, and she can't help but feel a growing attraction to the local mechanic, one Xander Keaton.

As much as Naomi would love to think she can finally put her past behind her, the past rears its ugly head. Naomi is forced to reconsider the choices she's made.

I'm all for romantic suspense, and The Obsession is very fitting. There's a nice mix of romance and mystery tossed into a setting that has me wanting to move there. That said, there were times I thought I had it figured out and was not happy with where things looked like they were heading. Leave it to Nora Roberts to shake things up just as I was becoming complacent on my predictions as an arm chair sleuth. I always like to try to solve the crime before it's revealed by the author, but this time I simply failed at my mission. Kudos to Ms. Roberts for fooling me!

The Obsession is scheduled to be released by Berkley on April 12, 2016. It's an excellent suspense from Nora Roberts and kept me guessing until the end.


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