The Color of Water in July: An Emotional Trip Back for One Likable Heroine

Nora Carroll, aka Elizabeth Letts, takes reader to a lakeside community where old secrets changed many lives. The Color of Water in July is an emotional story that brings one family's history to light.

It's been close to two decades since Jess Carpenter's seen her grandmother's summer home on Pine Lake in Michigan. Now that she's inherited the property, she's back to go through the items within the home and get it ready to sell. Little does Jess know, her past is about to come to light.

When she was 17, Jess fell madly in love with a boy her grandmother didn't approve of. Events happened that changed relationships and Jess's life goals. Now all these years later, Jess uncovers some letters that uncover a more startling truth. one that has the power to make Jess reconsider everything she's known and the path her life ended up taking.

The setting is one of the things that drew me into The Color of Water in July. That lakeside community came to life. I could almost hear the birds, feel the cool water, and feel the sun on my face. Nora Carroll created such vivid imagery. When you add in the characters - Jess, a young, inexperienced teen vs. the Jess of today; the grandmother who felt she was doing the right thing, but was wrong in so many ways; Jess's current boyfriend who simply has his eye on the prize; and Jess's boyfriend of the past - all of them pull you in emotionally.

Lake Union Publishing, a division of Amazon, has been impressing me with the warmth, emotional stories they publish. This is another winner and another reason to give the publisher a try.


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