Sonja Yoerg - The Middle of Somewhere

Here's a story that I loved and hated all at the same time. Is this inherently bad? I don't think so. It means the author did a great job building suspense and characters I cared about, but I definitely questioned their decisions!

In Sonja Yoerg's The Middle of Somewhere, a September 2015 paperback release from NAL, Liz Kroft plans to hike from Yosemite Valley and complete the John Muir Trail. She's a widow with hidden secrets and needs some time to clear her head. She isn't thrilled when her boyfriend decides to join her, but she can't tell him now.

On the trail, they encounter a number of people. There's an older couple and an actor studying for his next role, but it's a couple brothers who have Liz feeling very uneasy. Suddenly her quest to clear her mind becomes one that might be one of survival.

The setting comes to life through Sonja Yoerg's words. Despite her flaws, lies, and other issues, I even found myself liking Liz, and I definitely felt for her very confused boyfriend who isn't sure if he's about to lose the woman he loves to her secrets. Then the brothers are introduced, and the aspect of the book I hated comes into play. I can't understand why Liz made choices she does regarding her trek. I don't want to give any spoilers, but if you read it, I'm really curious to see if you felt the same way.


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