Paula Treick DeBoard - The Drowning Girls

MIRA is releasing Paula Treick DeBoard's The Drowning Girls on April 26th. This book is guaranteed to frustrated sensible readers. I don't know exactly how I'd classify it. It's marketed as a suspense novel, which is partly true, but realistically, it's more like a life situation of a train wreck that you can see happening but are helpless to stop it.

It's a dream come true. When Liz McGinnis's husband is offered a job at a pricey gated community, they find themselves with a gigantic new home, new friends, and a whole new lifestyle. Liz, a school counselor, is equally surprised when one of the neighborhood's popular girls takes Danielle, Liz's quiet, geeky daughter, under her wing and Danielle blossoms. It all just seems too good to be true.

Soon, Liz finds her world crumbling around her. Danielle's becoming secretive, as is Liz's husband, Phil. Strange things are happening within the community that are leaving lasting marks on Phil's work within The Palms. Even worse, Liz is finding that the most innocent neighbor may be as evil as one can be.

I've read another novel by Paula Treick DeBoard prior to this novel and loved it, but this book is different. It's plot was something I've seen in movies. This is where it gets tricky. I don't want to give away spoilers, but to really discuss my issues with the book, I have to go there, which I won't do.

Bottom line for me is that the writing is solid. The story is fast paced and characters are well developed, but those same characters, one in particular, make really, really stupid decisions. I understand that had they been smart, the story would have ended quickly, but as an adult I really found myself questioning why so many bad choices were made.


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