Move Over Stephanie Plum, Margie Peterson's Here to Make Readers Laugh

Fans of Stephanie Plum need to give the Margie Peterson Mystery Series a shot. Without the romantic triangle that Plum is caught up in (something I got tired of around the 9th book), Margie is new to being an assistant P.I., and she certainly finds herself in uproarious situations in Mother Knows Best.

Margie's life is in shambles. Her husband was caught with a drag queen, though he claims it was a one-time thing and is going to a retreat that should "cure" him. Her daughter is acting like a dog and about to start at a new private school her grandparents are paying for. Worse, Margie's boss calls her to a crime scene where they move a body to help a young prostitute. Turns out the victim is the headmaster at the school Margie's daughter is about to attend. While moving the body, Margie accidentally drops her best friend's business card, putting her friend to the top of the suspect list.

Like any cozy mystery, there are situations that seem too absurd to be real, yet the more I read, the more I became hooked. Margie's tough, but the situations thrown her way would have anyone ready to pull out their hair. Her boss is a hoot, especially during one interrogation (and that's putting it lightly). There's a second case Margie's working in Mother Knows Best. She's been hired to find a pregnant teacup pig that was stolen by the owner's ex. When Margie finds the pig, prepare to snicker at everything that happens in that case.

This is the second book in the series by Karen MacInerney, though I never felt like I was missing important parts of Margie's background. I did like this book enough to want to get the first and see exactly how Margie got her start as Peaches' assistant. I've been looking for a humorous cozy mystery series to get hooked on, and this definitely did it!


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