Heart Like Mine: Likable Characters In a Vermont Setting

Having been born and raised in Vermont, I always love finding books that are set in Vermont. My assumption is that Heart Like Mine is set down towards Rutland. There is an Echo Lake down that way, and many references within the book put the location as two hours south of Burlington, so Rutland area fits. Judging from a blog I found, Maggie McGinnis must live in Vermont, which is why so many details are spot on. It's a change of pace from one Vermont-based romance I read long ago where the author had every character saying "ay-up" constantly. Something that I only hear on a rare occasion in the Northeast Kingdom.

Delaney Blair is saddened when she's handed the task of deeply trimming the budget of Mercy Hospital's pediatric department. The department already runs on a skeleton crew and limited supplies, so any cuts will be unbearable. Dr. Josh Mackenzie cannot lose more money from his department. He sees Delaney's first proposal and asks her to spend a week in the department before making any final decisions.

It isn't long before Delaney is falling for Josh, and this is not a good thing. She can't have any bias affecting her business decisions, but her past and time spent with Josh and his patients is definitely clouding her vision. If she can't get the job done, her job is on the line. For Delaney, the task soon seems to be to impossible to bear.

The setting is only part of this romance novels appeal. I really liked Delaney and Josh together, but some of the kids within the hospital became favorites. I found myself eager to get back to sections where they would make an appearance.

This is my introduction to the Echo Lake series. It's a nice mix of romance, humor, and even a little bit of suspense. St. Martin's Press released Heart Like Mine on April 5th, so you'll find it in some bookstores and online.


  1. I went to college in Vermont. There's no place like it! Especially in the Fall. Like you, I'm always excited -- and sentimental -- when I find a novel set in Vermont. Thanks for the post.


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