Head to Australia With Helen Brown's New Novel

Due out on April 26th, Helen Brown's Tumbledown Manor takes the reader to Australia. This work of women's fiction introduces Lisa Trumperton as she starts a new life far, far from her old one.

Writer Lisa Trumperton is happy to have have her family and friends around for her birthday, but she never expects to learn in front of them all that her "loving" husband is a lying, cheating jerk. During her party, flowers are delivered. Those flowers turn out to be a mistake the florist made. They mixed up an order her husband placed for his mistress. With her world shattered, Lisa leaves New York City and returns to Australia where she purchases her family's ancestral home, a run-down estate called Trumperton Manor. With the help of her son, his friends, a group of retired locals known as the Gray Army, and a very handsome landscaper, Lisa soon finds herself far more than a home in this Australian town.

I often will spot cover art that entices me to read a book. That's exactly the case with Tumbledown Manor. The cozy drawing of the estate home drew me in. The characters and setting kept me hooked. In the end, Helen Brown had me hooked in a story that I read in one sitting. I enjoyed Lisa's spunk, loved the guys in the Gray Army, and snickered at the antics of the stray cat and injured cockatoo that embed themselves in Lisa's life. Her sister is a little less likable, I found her to be a bit of a pain in the backside, but even she came to life on the pages. Lisa's ex and his girlfriend are the only characters in the book that I never cared for and wished would go away!


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