Second Book in the Texas Trails Series

Back in 2011, I was sent a book that I never had time to fit in. The thing is, no matter how many books I receive and struggle to fit in, I always tuck some away in case I have a moment in the future. That's the case with Susan Page Davis's Captive Trail. I'm sorry I missed this back when it was released.

Susan Page Davis introduces a young woman, Taabe Waipu who flees her captors, the Comanches. She can barely remember her family as she was stolen as a child, but she dreams of being reunited with them. Ned Bright, a driver for the Butterfield Overland Mail Company, finds an exhausted woman collapsed on his route. He brings her to a mission where nuns agree to help her recover and try to find out who she is. As Taabe speaks no English, this is going to be quite a challenge. Meanwhile, something about this woman draws Ned to her, and he's just as determined to find her identity and keep her safe from the tribe who seems to really want her back.

Captive Trail is a Christian novel. That said, it's not overly preachy, so I think any reader with an interest in historical romances will thoroughly enjoy the novel. I did find parts of the book felt a little rushed, but overall, I had a hard time putting it down.


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