Romance Reader Freebie: Lillian Darcy's The Sweetest Thing

Anyone with a Kindle or the Kindle app can download Lilian Darcy's The Sweetest Thing without paying a dime. This is the second book in the Montana Riverbend series, though I hadn't read the first and didn't feel like I was missing anything.

It's been many years since Tully Morgan's been in Marietta. She fled on prom night after learning some stunning news. In the process of leaving, she also abandoned her prom date, Ren Fletcher. Tully's never told anyone that prom night happened to be the night she learned her older sister was really her mother. Now she's back to care for her mother who is battling cancer.

Ren has never understood why Tully disappeared. He moved on and married, though he and his wife are not happy. He's contemplating what to do next when Tully's older sister, Sugar, enters his law practice asking him for help. This throws him into Tully's life again, but he's married now and he's not sure if he should risk everything for a woman who walked away once before.

There are aspects to The Sweetest Thing that I enjoyed, and there are other times where things felt way too rushed for me. While Tully and Ren are standout characters, it's Sugar, a woman trying desperately to make up for her past as a drug addict, who I found myself really enjoying. She makes no excuses. She knows she's screwed up and all she wants is to right past wrongs.

The romance between Tully and Ren doesn't progress as fast as it would in a typical romance novel, but this is largely due to Ren's marital status. How it plays out, you'll have to read for yourself, but I appreciated that it was handled with honesty.

In the end, for a free e-book, I enjoyed Lilian Darcy's novel. I'm not sure it inspired me to rush out and buy the others, which is likely the hope when offering a book for free, but it was an enjoyable read that other romance fans should try. What surprised me is that I've reviewed The Long Walk Home, book 5 in this series, and based on that story, I never would have guessed the books were together in a series. They definitely stand alone.

Tule Publishing released this novel in 2014. You'll find it at and it is free (for now anyway) if you select the Kindle version.


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