Newport by Jill Morrow

Softcover, Release July 2015
William Morrow

Reviewed by Bob Walch

The Great War is over and Prohibition is a reality, but that has had little effect on the wealthy enclave of Newport where the rich descend each summer to enjoy their oceanfront “cottages” and the best things money can buy.

Attorney Adrian de la Noye knows Newport well, having grown up there, but he has avoided returning to the community until now. A wealthy client, Bennett Chapman, has called Adrian to his home to revise his will. His client plans to add his soon to be, much younger wife to the document and drop his adult children. What’s even more disturbing to the family is that Chapman is reputedly acting on the advice of his departed wife (and the children’s mother) who, via a séance, has urged her husband to remarry.

If this isn’t enough of a mess for Adrian with family passions running high, Adrian quickly discovers that Chapman’s fiancée is a woman the lawyer knew quite well in his youth.

Uncovering the secrets of his client’s family along with discovering where his former friend has been will keep Adrian busy and also expose some of his own history.

A novel filled with social satire, dark humor and some interesting characters, Newport offers an ending you won’t soon forget.


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