Heartwarming Romance from Jill Steeples

Another freebie for you Kindle, Warm Winter Kisses is a pretty satisfying romance and well worth every second. This is a December 2015 release from Joffe Books.

Beth Brown never expects her long-time boyfriend to come home, take her out to dinner, and announce he's leaving her. It's a shock and part of the reason she accepts a temporary position as the personal assistant to one temperamental celebrity chef.

Rocco di Castri is nothing like Beth expected, though his supermodel girlfriend is unfortunately just as the tabloids make her out to be. The more Beth spends working for Rocco, the more she finds herself falling for him. She realizes she wasn't in love with her boyfriend, but how can she fall in love with a man who is taken?

Set in the British countryside, the setting, characters, and writer's sense of humor make this book a winner. I was engaged from the start and ended up reading it from first to last page in the matter of a few hours. I simply loved it.


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