Detective Helen Grace Returns in A Doll's House

Fans of British mysteries will thoroughly enjoy Detective Inspector Helen Grace. She's back in A Doll's House facing off against a serial abductor/killer.

Detective Helen Grace has just solved one serial killer case that hit a little too close to home. Things don't slow down, however, when a body is found at the beach shortly after a young woman goes missing. When that body turns out not to be the missing woman but instead of a woman who disappeared years ago, Helen is baffled when the family admits they'd had regular texts from the woman and never suspected she was dead. As Helen begins digging, she finds more women who vanished under similar circumstances and more bodies turn up. Helen realizes there is a serial killer on the loose and that killer has had years to perfect the craft.

The atmosphere of the Detective Helen Grace thrillers pulls you in. The details are often dark and creepy with characters you root for and killers that put a shiver up your spine. Like the last book, the killer kept me guessing. I had a hard time picking out who it could be and why. Meanwhile, the missing woman Ruby is a smart, tough character who I really wanted to see freed from her captor. The story switches back from Helen's detective work to her associate Charlie who is nearing the birth of her child and Helen's supervisor's own issues to Ruby's situation. It paints a complex picture of a twisted case.

M.J. Arlidge's A Doll's House came out in February 2016. It's an NAL release you won't want to miss.


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