D is for Dress-Up: The ABC's of What We Wear - An April 2016 Children's Picture Book

Chronicle Kids has a new picture book coming out that's perfect for beginning readers. Not only can children practice their ABCs, but the book also discusses pieces of clothing. D is for Dress-Up is by Maria Carluccio, an award-winning illustrator.

Each page includes illustrations and one letter. With the letter are types of clothing, patterns, or fabrics. You'll learn that A is for "apron" and B is for a "bow and bow tie." Illustrations capture exactly what is being introduced, making it an excellent choice for beginning readers.

Look for D is for Dress-Up on April 5th.  It's a nice way to teach both the alphabet, colors, and the clothing children wear every day.


  1. What a great idea for a children's book! Thanks for the post.


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