A Mother's Reckoning - Tough Read With Great Insight

The Columbine shootings and murders will no doubt be one of the worst school shootings people can remember. With all of the author proceeds going to charitable mental health organizations, Sue Klebold sets out to share insights into the son she loved and had to come to terms with the horrible acts of murder he took part in. I'll break here and mention that it would be nice if all proceeds, not just the author's proceeds, were being donated.

This isn't an easy read, and I agree with her at times but also saw signs of what she missed at others. There's one episode where she talked about being so mad with him that she pinned him against the wall until he told her to move away or his anger would overtake him. That was a big cry for help. I'm a mom of two and I've dealt with anxiety in different forms with both of them, with my mother, with myself, with my aunt, and the list goes on. Maybe I'm a little more in tune with the signs of anxiety, mood disorders, depression, etc. than some, but reading the book I could see some of what she missed. Would it have made a difference? Who knows. Teens can be very stubborn and once on a path, it can be hard to stop them.

No doubt A Mother's Reckoning has to have been a very painful book for her to write, but it was likely cathartic too. Much of the book is spent covering mental illness and the warning signs that are often overlooked. Depression and suicidal thoughts are key focuses. If anyone takes anything from this book, it will be to seek help sooner than later. More importantly, I think it's really important to know that not every counselor will be of use. It can take trial and error to find the right person for you. Bottom line is that mental health issues cannot be ignored. We've gone far too long making having a mental illness a bad thing and something to hide. It shouldn't be that way.

Sue Klebold's A Mother's Reckoning came out on February 15, 2015. It's a Crown book and available in many stores, including places like Amazon.com.


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