Try Not to Breathe - Holly Seddon

I really miss the television show Cold Case. That's kind of what you get in Try Not to Breathe, a novel by Holly Seddon. I say kind of because there is a lot of depth in the characters and the story.

After three very emotional events, Alex Dale lost her way. Her journalism job came to a bitter end, and now she has the story that could get her back in the headlines.

Fifteen years ago, Amy Stevenson was brutally attacked and left for dead. She's been in a coma since. Alex doesn't feel it is right that the case was never solved. She gets permission to write about Amy. Alex is determined to unravel the truth and find who harmed the then teen. It's not an easy task as the only real witness to the crime is in a coma and cannot speak.

That's the main story, but there's also the backstory involving Amy's then boyfriend who is now married, expecting his first child, and hides his past relationship from his wife. There's Alex who has never truly gotten over her own past and has picked up very bad habits since. There's also Amy who is stuck in her coma and wants to speak but cannot. Together, these viewpoints make for a very complex, very powerful cold case mystery and look at the intricacies of human emotions and relationships.

Try Not to Breathe is in stores now. Ballantine released it on February 23, 2016.


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